SCA New York Video Meeting Instructions

Before you begin:

Please use the Google Chrome browser on your computer to participate in this video meeting.  The video meeting is currently not supported on other devices.

  • Please make sure you have a good Internet connection.  Video takes a lot of bandwidth to work well.

  • Please close other browser tabs.

Access the video meeting by clicking on the following URL:

Next, follow these steps:

Enter your first name and last initial at the following screen (i.e. "Mike S.") and click "Join Conference."

Click "Internet":

Click on the "Video" button on the controls to start sharing your video. Moving the mouse usually brings up the controls:

Click on “Participants” Icon to open the participants list. That icon appears in the vertical black control box on the right side of the screen:

Once the meeting begins, everyone will be muted.  To raise your hand to speak, click on the "Hand" icon in the top control panel.

OR:  Each participant can click on their name and then will see the "RAISE HAND" icon. Click on the HAND to raise your hand.

Final Thoughts:

Right now, all of these services are strained to capacity as the world turned virtual practically overnight.  All of these services rely on a handful of providers for bandwidth and it's common right now to experience video glitches and other problems.

If your video freezes, click on Refresh on your browser and see if that corrects your issue.

We ask for your patience and understanding in advance if there are any technical issues that make the video meeting experience challenging.  We are all learning to navigate in this new environment, and although there are technical issues we will likely face as meet this way, we still want to give it a try.  We want to do our best to facilitate connection and fellowship in service of our collective recovery.

Yours In Service,

Mike S.

Technology Chair

SCA New York Phone Info Line:
(917) SCA-NY-12 which is: (917) 722-6912

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