SCA New York is as non-profit 12-Step addiction recovery program for sexually compulsive behavior, sex addiction and romantic obsession.

There are no dues or fees for SCA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.  Monetary contributions from the fellowship to SCA Intergroup enables us to maintain this website, distribute literature, maintain important communication resources, produce our yearly spring conference, holiday parties, two yearly SCA shows, and other events.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, contributions made to us are tax deductible.  We will provide to you a receipt for any donation made for $35 and higher.


You can make monetary contributions online or by mailing payments to:


SCA Intergroup of New York

111 E 14th Street Suite 385
New York, NY 10003


MEETING TREASURERS: Intergroup recommends that 7th Tradition collections in excess of rent, a prudent reserve, literature and other meeting expenses be contributed to SCANY Intergroup on a monthly basis.  If you are a treasurer at an SCA meeting and wish to make an Intergroup contribution electronically, you can do so through the form below.  Please indicate which meeting the payment is associated with. 


ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME!  Contributions from individual supporters of our fellowship are welcome at ANY time.  Again, please complete the form below. A portion of contributions is donated to the SCA--ISO (International Service Organization). 

You can make a one-time contribution using your credit or debit card/Google Pay/Apple Pay

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7th Tradition Contributions (Donations to Support Intergroup)

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